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I was brought up on part of Crabbet Park, my mother being Rosemary Archer, owner of the Worth Arabian Stud. From a young age, I was involved with the horses and remember visiting the Crabbet Stud under Mr. Covey’s ownership on a regular basis. My particular favourites were Indian Magic, Bright Shadow and Silver Grey. Silver Grey always came up to me in the field and was particularly friendly. At this time Crabbet had been split up after Lady Wentworth’s death and the stables and indoor facilities had been turned into a top riding establishment in the UK where I learned to ride taking weekly lessons. I didn’t realize at the time what hallowed ground I was walking on.

My interest in the Arabians started in earnest when I grew out of my Pony Club pony, and I needed a horse. Monica Calvert of the Harwood Arabian Stud offered us a mare who had had a very difficult foaling and would be unable to breed again. She had been broken in to ride. I went over and saw the mare, Charlotte Rose who was to found a dynasty at Harwood, being the grandmother of Kasadi. The Calverts kindly took me to my first Arabian Show to compete in, the Arab Performance Show which was the ridden equivalent to the National Show in those days. I was a beginner at this ridden showing that year but this show was such fun that I wanted to learn how to achieve in the ring. In the next four years, we managed to compete at a few Arabian shows and always at the National Show and the highlight being a win and Reserve Ridden Champion at our South East Region Show taking days off work from my job in London to attend shows and compete.

After 4 years Mrs. Calvert kindly gave me Charlotte Rose and at 17 she won the Veteran Mare Class at Ascot (in hand). However, I think the best moment for me was when Charlotte Rose opened the WAHO Stud Tour to Harwood in 1988 with her wonderful group of children and grandchildren. Her line is still going well at Harwood.

From here, my interest expanded to writing a few articles on breeding, stud visits and racing. I helped with the Arab Horse Racing in its early happy days as Declarations Clerk and only once missed a National Show. I enjoyed competing and started riding Princess Gaila, my mother’s mare. I attended the first Crabbet Convention in Denver, Colorado and visited Al Marah for the second time.

In 1993, I moved (with my ex husband) to Binley in Hampshire and founded the Binley Arabian Stud. Prince Sadik, out of Princess Alia by Silver Gauntlet had been a favourite of mine, bred by mother. His pedigree contained Rajeyd (Ludo ex Silver Ripple), an excellent sire. When Sadik was offered for sale by his new owner, I was so worried he might end up in the Middle East that it was decided to take on a stallion! This was my first experience of handling stallions as we never had them at Worth.

My mother gave me Princess Gaila who had only had three foals and none for my mother. Before leaving Worth, I gave it one more go on veterinary advice and lucky for me she became pregnant producing her only 100% Crabbet foal, Prince Iman. So at last Gaila’s line lives on and I have a grand daughter at the stud. The other mare we had was Sa’lilah, daughter of my hero, Silver Flame. He was the one for me, who set the standard, that and Indian Magic’s movement. Sadik had the movement but is not as beautiful as Silver Flame. So from three horses in the first year, to five in the second, the Stud has grown as large as 21 but is now at a more manageable 16.

Worth Arabian Stud is world famous and owned by my parents, Dick and Rosemary Archer. Horses from Worth have been exported to many countries around the world. I was very fortunate to have the backing and support of my mother, Rosemary Archer, to help with the foundation of our Stud but also to have on permanent lease, the mares Silvern Image and Sema. We are very grateful for the lease of these mares and also added later, the beautiful Silvern Dream/Prince Sadik daughter, Silvern Pearl. These mares are exceptional Crabbet mares and have produced and are still producing outstanding stock for the stud.

In addition to the mares from Worth, we leased the mare Grecian Gilt who we sent to Silvern Idyll. She produced the stallion, Grecian Idyll. We have also purchased Grey Sparkle and Rose Star bred by Maureen de Popp to bring in different lines.

My aim is to breed Arabians to be ridden, who are beautiful and advertise the breed and the Crabbet Arabian horse. I want to help preserve the Crabbet horses in the world, and I really want everyone to work together for the cause. We need everyone to help from all over the World, in what ever way they can, in breeding, advice, knowledge or writing. Everyone has a place in this history.




It is the aim of the stud to produce stallions capable of breeding performance horses. With this in mind the stud acquired from Toni Thorogood in 1993 the grey son of Princess Alia and Silver Gauntlet, Prince Sadik bred by Rosemary Archer of Worth Arabian Stud. In 2002, Sadik attained Merit status as a Premium Stallion through his many offspring competing in ridden competition. The stud was keen to obtain a stallion with Ludo in the pedigree and through Silver Gauntlet, (Rajeyd x Silver Mantle), together with the same blood coming through his grand-dam Princess Troubadour (a full sister to Ludo), a double cross of this blood was found. Sadik threw good bone, outstanding action and excellent temperaments. He always stood at public stud and was much admired by the general horse community. It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Sadik, a true prince. Please read his obituary for for about his life and importance to the stud.

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Our Foundation Mares were Sa’lilah and Princess Gaila.


(Silver Flame x Sunset) By British National Champion Silver Flame, out of Sunset, “Sali” has produced some outstanding children. Her sons are all in the US and Canada and the mares are in the UK. Seffer, a multi champion in the US was by Prince Saraph and Sa’ika, Sali’s first foal was purchased by Bazy Tankersley for Al Marah Micanopy. Sali has 4 daughters in the UK, 3 are retained at Binley. She combines the ultimate grace of an Arabian mare with an amazing will to live and, at age 31, still has control of the brood mare band at Binley.

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(General Gold x Alia) By British National Champion General Gold. Her only 100% Crabbet offspring, is Prince Iman, bred here at Binley and by Indian Idyll. Gaila was a lovely, kind mare with a remarkable character. She did Riding for the Disabled well into old age. Gaila excelled atbending, going over poles, gymkhana games and handy pony, and was in great demand by the children. Gaila died in 2007, at the age of 29. Her sone, Prince Simana, stands at stud in Worcestershire.

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